LESQUE 2024年春のスケートボードデッキコレクション:都市の鼓動と自然の神秘を描くキャンバス


The LESQUE Spring 2024 deck collection celebrates the fusion of art and skateboarding, showcasing inspirations ranging from the pulse of the city to the mysteries of nature. This dynamic lineup features designs that span the spectrum from bold monochrome statements to the vibrant energy of neural red networks, the serenity of gentle ripples, marbled depths reminiscent of the sea, a fiery blend of flame and wood grain, and the vivid collage of street art. LESQUE provides these decks as tools for skaters to pursue their own expression and release their uniqueness onto the streets. With the onset of spring comes a fresh start, and each deck is designed to inspire skaters with new visions and match any skate style.