LESQUE 春のエッセンスコレクション




LESQUE’s latest spring collection infuses vitality and style into spring attire, masterfully blending the active spirit of a skateboarding team with urban sophistication. The jackets and vests, crafted from lightweight yet insulating microfleece material, cater to the unpredictable spring weather while maintaining a stylish exterior.

The collection’s casual yet design-rich 5-panel caps provide a comfortable wear with quick-drying properties, offering moderate protection from the spring sunshine. In addition, the 6.2-ounce premium long-sleeve T-shirts feature characteristic ribbed sleeves and a street-infused design, ensuring a relaxed fit. The T-shirts, with their simple front design and bold back print, offer versatility to match any style.

Every piece in LESQUE’s seasonal apparel line is meticulously crafted to bring comfort and style to those enjoying the spring days. Embodying the free spirit of skate culture while fitting into a variety of everyday scenes, this collection proposes outfits that resonate with the lively essence of spring.